More Atelier Brunette Headbands

A new color way for the Atelier Brunette headbands is coming soon. 💕 

I have been trying to use all of the beautiful fabrics produced by Atelier Brunette for a while now, but I was always too scared that I would mess them up if I used them for garments.🙈 Don’t get me wrong; I’m really great at making dresses for myself.😏And my whole business model used to be making custom skirts. But there’s something about spending upward of $24 per yard on four yards of fabric for each skirt that made me feel super...accountable.🤔  

Making headbands with this pricey viscose is way more cost-effective for me and for my shoppers. It only takes one yard to get six headbands.🤩Now I can stock up on more of my favorites from this ethereal brand. 

Atelier Brunette Posie Dobby Viscose in Chestnut and Smokey

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