The Nelson Floral Necktie

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Three months ago, I cut this vibrant, floral cotton fabric, assembled the pieces together to create a necktie, and set it aside. Why? Because to be honest, I really don’t enjoy hand-stitching.😅Whenever I was going through my stack of pending projects, I had these unfinished neckties staring back at me. I’m glad I’ve finally set aside the time to give them the attention they deserve.
Introducing, the Nelson necktie, available in light blue and navy blue. The floral fabric is, of course, none other than Rifle Paper Co. The matching headbands are available here.
I love how these turned out!🤩If you’re in the market for a floral necktie, here you go. These are handmade with lots of care and patience. Plus, they’re totally ready for spring.💐

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