Spring Gingham Plaid Accessories

Spring Gingham Plaid Accessories
The latest accessories in the shop feature colorful gingham plaids! Of all the types of plaid, gingham is my favorite. It’s no wonder these fabrics stood out to me, especially in all these different colors.

Gingham Plaid Headbands

Of course, knotted headbands were at the top of my list. The Kennedy headband doesn’t have elastic in the back, making it a great last-minute accessory.

Gingham Plaid Scrunchies

Scrunchies for all ages! I know they’re popular with the young'uns, but us older ones appreciate a fun trend once in a while. These plaid Kennedy scrunchies are classic enough to avoid making us look like we’re trying too hard to hold on to our youth.

Gingham Plaid Neckties

Handmade cotton neckties to elevate any suit! Gingham plaid is such a classic print, but these fun colors create a fresh new look.

Gingham Plaid Pocket Squares

Why not throw in a pocket square with your purchase of a necktie? They’re each sold separately, but check out these ensembles!
These gingham plaid accessories are great for gift-giving or for buying-and-keeping. Want a discount on your order? Subscribe to the email list to get your special discount code delivered to your inbox inbox immediately!

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