New Knotted Headbands & Scrunchies: Boho Bead Print

New Knotted Headbands & Scrunchies: Boho Bead Print

I’m working on some new knotted headbands with a very interesting print!

Craft supplies for making knotted headbands.



This is a departure for me. I’m a print traditionalist. I usually stick to florals and plaids. But these really jumped out at me. Look at these colors!😍

Cotton fabric with a bead print.


Fabric being made into scrunchies.

These fabrics are being used for knotted headbands and scrunchies. I was thinking about making neckties as well, but the print would have to be diagonal.😑I’m not a fan of that.

These knotted headbands and scrunchies will be available soon.🌞Be sure to sign up to the email list to be notified first. And take a look at the other knotted headbands in the meantime!

Handmade knotted headbands with bead print fabric.

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